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Safety through Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

The accident prevention regulations of the German statutory accident insurance prescribe an annual inspection of all lifting equipment, load and hoisting gear: UVV inspection

The legal consequences for non-compliance with these accident prevention regulations are manifold. In the event of damage, civil claims for compensation as well as disciplinary or even penal consequences can occur for the company and single responsible employees.

We are happy to provide help with avoiding such unpleasant surprises! 

Wiedenmann Service Fleet

We service, inspect and repair your equipment in our service workshops or on-site at your premises: Mobile inspection and repair service

Our mobile inspection service is well-equipped and conducts the necessary tests and repairs directly on-site. 

We perform expert inspections according to UVV and DIN for all systems and devices for many years now. This is also the case for the test for freedom of cracks according to DIN 685 respectively UVV DGUV Rule 100-500 for chains that must be conducted every 3 years. After completion of the inspection we provide a test certificate and the necessary test badge.